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Password Mac Keylogger is the perfect choice for people who are searching for stealthy monitoring software for Mac. It allows you to record everything that happens on your Mac and have logs delivered to your email/FTP address at every interval you set. This software invisibly records ALL keystrokes and typed, IM chats (both ways), websites visited and makes screen-shots of the computer activities. Most importantly, the Password Mac keylogger is able to secretly record passwords typed on Mac.

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Full-featured Aobo Password Mac Keylogger

Password Mac Keylogger works on any computer with Mac OS X 10.4.x (Tiger) 10.5.x (Leopard) 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) 10.7.x (Lion) operating systems. It is easy to install and to use. You can successfully install it with almost several clicks. However, administration password is needed to install Password Mac Keylogger. As for its keystrokes log function, built-in log viewer in Password Mac keylogger – Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional puts all the characters and texts in its original format to provide the detailed information and help users find out which parts are passwords accurately. Aobo Keylogger Professional, auto-running in stealth mode once your Mac starts, is completely invisible to the user and anti-virus programs.

Collect Passwords with Password Mac Keylogger

Password Mac keylogger will save your time by preventing your data from being accidentally damaged or lost. You are able to restore the text that you typed immediately after such matters happen. You can no longer worry about that your efforts go in vain when you are piling mountains of words. What’s more, Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional can also help you recollect passwords that you have forgotten. All these can ensure your data perfectly safe and relieve you from the risks of unexpected accidents.

Password Mac Keylogger Does Good Monitoring Job

Best featured Password Mac keylogger – Aobo Keylogger Pro is intended to help you achieve multiple purposes from parental control to employee monitoring. To be specific, the powerful Password Mac Keylogger will alert you when your child contacts something suspicious and harmful. Bosses can apply Aobo Keylogger Pro to find out what their employees are doing when they are assumed to be working, which may contribute to greater improvement in work efficiency. In addition, the Password Mac Keylogger can be also applied to student management during the academic hours. Once students know they are under monitoring, they will be forced to use network for educational use only.

Ultimate Service After Purchase Password Mac Keylogger

Aobo Keylogger Pro offers you all the advanced features at a reasonable price. You can make use of new keylogging technology without wasting large sums of money. You will get a download link immediately after purchase. Placing purchase orders on one PC and installing Aobo Keylogger Pro on another Mac computer is feasible. We guarantee to refund in 30 days on occasion that the software is not working on your computer. Registered users will enjoy one year’s free upgrade and lifetime free support, so why not gasp the chance and purchase Aobo Password Mac Keylogger now?

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